Luke + Sara // Sedona Engagement Session

All my red rock dreams came true during this adventurous, Sedona engagement session with Luke and Sara. The afternoon started out super rainy and dreary and I feared we wouldn't be able to climb to the top of Cathedral Rock like we had originally planned to. However, around 4:30 the rain finally stopped and we were able to cross a small creek and start our hike up the rocky trail. It remained cloudy for a good portion of the session until the last 30 minutes when the sun decided to sneak it's way out just in time for the final pictures. 

I first met Sara and Luke back in Wichita Falls, Texas while my husband was doing pilot training in the same program as Luke. I immediately was drawn to Sara, as she was a first year teacher just like me. We were both going through many of the same experiences and she was such a sweet soul to talk to. Also, she's an incredible teacher! Like, woahhh #goals. Luke is an awesome fighter pilot who has such a fun personality. These two have the biggest hearts and I'll forever be thankful the Air Force brought them into my life. They're doing big things in the world, y'all! 

Check out their beautiful session. You will immediately find out how goofy, in-tune, and real they are with each other. 

Sayde Meador